20GB of images, traces of light, trapped in a dark plastic box. Memories are just light leaks. They dive into the depths of our thoughts and find a place to mutate and slowly diverge from the real. But what is real? Can that be captured with a camera? I look back at those pictures and I see patches of my memory. They quickly build landscapes and subjects. Something is always missing, incomplete... it quickly blurs, it fades. The image seemed to provide answers, now it’s just posing more and more questions. This is an archive of those missing pieces, those unanswered questions. Everything in between what I remember and what I captured with images. Fading attempts of reconstructing what I never saw, but always knew was there.
Sara Bastai is a visual artist currently attending MA Photography at ECAL. Based between Porto PT, Paris FR and Lausanne CH. Working on personal and commissioned projects on photography, graphic design and art direction.

Web design Fernando Espeso
Sound Maciej Czubak

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